The Goal of Obtaining a Legal Separation

People who are currently going through a divorce need legal separation or a prenuptial agreement. Legal separation is a process wherein the relationship between spouses is terminated, and the couple no longer has any ties. This process can take place in a short period of time after the divorce. Separation lawyers in Darwin are experts in the field of divorce law. They know how to protect the interests of their client and will advise them accordingly.

There are several differences between prenuptial agreements (like a wedding contract) and a separation agreement. A separation agreement is much more formal, and it reflects a much more unified legal position on the parties involved. When both parties sign this document, they acknowledge that they are parting ways, though, it does not mean that they agree to separate permanently. This type of document is also effective when one party is having an affair and in divorce cases when one spouse feels emotionally attached to another and wants to preserve their current relationship. It also helps avoid lawsuits that may occur if one party is using the divorce to escape from financial responsibilities towards the other.


In many cases, individuals should obtain a legal separation before they attempt to divorce. Even if you and your spouse agree on child support or alimony, it is still better to have a legal separation in place so that future issues regarding these issues are avoided. By having a separation agreement in place, your legal standing will remain unaffected should you decide to remarry or separate again in the future. This document will protect you should you be faced with the need to file for bankruptcy or deal with a jury’s judgment.

A legal separation agreement is effective in protecting your assets and your financial future. This document outlines how the property is to be divided among the two individuals following the divorce. Some examples include dividing the marital home into single-family homes and shared domicile properties. The courts can enforce a division of these items if they determine that it will serve the children’s best interests in the long run.

In many cases, the goal of obtaining a legal separation is to preserve the relationship that you once had with your spouse and to eliminate the need for a divorce proceeding. Many divorce attorneys are willing to help you achieve the results you desire without a legal trial’s cost and complications. They are often experienced in dealing with these types of cases and possess the experience necessary to ensure that your rights are protected throughout the entire process. Contact a separation lawyers in Darwin today to discuss the options you have available to you and learn about the steps you must take to achieve the desired results.